A Japanese Sukiya (teahouse)-style architecture with notable history, revived by craftsmen.

Tounoya-an was reinvented as the first Curation Hotel.
Originally built in 1933, in the traditional Japanese style of the era, it is located in a scenic location in Atami. The surrounding area is where a number of vacation houses belonging to Imperial families and wealthy plutocrats were to be found. The house has been revived by modern artisans, bringing back to life many of the elegant design elements unique to Atami, such as the plaster wall with its moon emblem. This is a unique, private boutique hotel where east and the west, old and new fuse.


Located in Kasuga-cho, which has long been a highly popular area of Atami for holiday homes, it was originally the tea-house annex of a well-loved Japanese ryokan. Being abandoned for 5 years, the building was on the verge of disintegrating when it was rescued and resurrected as a private boutique hotel, by a renowned interior designer.

Tounoya-an is a spacious Sukiya-style tea-house of 200m2 spread over two stories. Fine, elegant beams that were washed with a traditional technique, an intriguing “gankou” (skein-like, offset) corridor and playful, “sukiya” (refined) windows…the beauty of Japanese construction and design are scattered throughout. During the renovation, these precious original architectural features were carefully preserved in as original a state as possible or sensitively relocated.

While cherishing the original charms of Sukiya-style architecture, the interior has been boldly renovated to suit a modern lifestyle. The 76 ㎡LDK, which is made up of five connected, Japanese-style tatami rooms, features contemporary western furniture and island kitchen, the space is ingeniously appointed to offer comfortable living to modern world standards.

We have another important mission: to bring back from overseas Japanese art pieces that leaked out of Japan at the end of the Edo period (latter part of the 19th century). During your stay at Tounoya-an, you can appreciate precious Japanese craft pieces, such as the cabinet with Nagasaki mother-of-pearl work. The harmonic chemistry of combining these exquisite traditional pieces with modern art, will enrich your stay.

Useful information

Bedrooms 3 bedrooms (maximum 6 guests)
Bed types 2 Double beds/ 2 Futon
Rooms 3 bedrooms/ LDK (Living Dining Kitchen) / 2 bathrooms/ 3 toilets / a wood-deck terrace and garden
Area 200㎡
Facilities Portable TV×2/ Waterproof portable [ka1] TV / Wi-Fi/ kettle/ refrigerator/ soda stream machine/ microwave oven/ oven/ toaster/ IH stove/ washing and drying machine/ air purifier with humidification/ dish washer/ hair dryer/ iron/ rice cooker
Amenities bath towel/ face towel/ body towel/ tea shampoo/ tea conditioner/ tea body soap/ seven herbs makeup remover/ seven herbs all in one gel/ Hiba (hinoki leaf) original sanitizer/ tooth brush/ cotton swabs
Rentable equipment projector/ Bluetooth speaker

*cooking utensils and table wear are also available.
*Please contact us if you have other requirements not listed above.