Architecture, art, nature.
A stay to discover new values.

Taking time away from work or daily life, refreshing body and soul…

Encountering “new values” is what makes these moments more fulfilling.

Japanese architectural designs that have been refined with time.
Interiors which cross international borders, intersecting east and west.
Both new and the old arts radiate in these spaces.

What “Curation Hotels” offer is completely private, whole-house rentals where your senses can experience these new values.

Each space has been created by world-class interior designers, with its own unique concept, so that no two are the same and guests can enjoy a variety of stay experiences that will delight them.
Exclusive, tailored stays can be arranged for you, for example, organizing a special private dinner prepared by your favorite chefs, experiencing traditional culture, like Noh, in your hotel lounge and holding workshops with invited artists.

Soaking up refinement and culture while relaxing as if you are in your own vacation house.

A stay at a Curation Hotel is a unique experience that will enrich your life.


桃乃八庵 Tounoya-an


須藤水園 Suto-suien


桃山雅苑 Momoyama-gaen


岳麓翠苑 Gakuroku Suien


The Atami Shimbun newspaper
The Atami Keizai Shimbun business newspaper
The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper
The Izu Shimbun newspaper
Hotel Ryokan Management monthly magazine
The Nikkei Shimbun newspaper

HOTERES weekly magazine
Japan Forest Products Journal newspaper
RSVP magazine
Seven Seas magazine

What does “Curation Hotel” mean?

“Curation Hotel” is a name that we invented to describe our new concept of boutique vacation accommodation.
In this project, “Curation” is our original approach to design which fuses eastern and western, old and new cultures.
By renovating traditional buildings that still remain around Japan, we reinvent them as uniquely-designed boutique vacation hotels powered by “Curation”.
In this way we offer places filled with discoveries and surprises that can lead Japanese tradition into the future.

Our logo is designed as three Cs that represent our philosophy.

“Creation” for the creativity that encourages craftsmanship that will deliver into the future,
“Community” which plays a central role in arts and crafts tourism,
“Culture” is the richness that arts and crafts bring to life.

These three Cs resonate with each other, growing and developing as they disseminate.

We aim to spread the philosophy of a truly sustainable hotel model to Japan into the future.

If you wish becoming a Curation Hotel, please get more details and sign up by clicking here.

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