Experience the rich nature and culture of Atami with made-to-order excursions.
Exclusive and custom-made plans are available through Curation Hotel. For example, why not try guided trekking, a champagne cruise at sunset, a tour of MOA’s (art museum) archives and a private Nou performance.


Private Nou theatre at Curation Hotel

Experience “Nou” a Japanese tradition theatrical art, in your own private hotel.
Through a performance and a small experiential lecture, you can feel a closer connection to the Japanese sense of colour and perception relating to Nou.


Shite (main role): Takao Nishimura Photograph: Yoshihiro Maejima


Model Plan

15:00 Check in.
17:00 A private Nou performance at Curation Hotel.
A small lecture about Nou and its musical accompaniment.
(photo taking and a lecture of feet sliding as options.)
18:30 Dinner (personal chef, catering etc.)


A sea fishing cruise to Hatsushima island with a chartered fishing boat

Go on a sea fishing with a local fisherman’s boat to Hatsushima, the Atami’s beautiful remote island. Enjoy fully a local seafood, nature and also the sunset from Sagami Bay on the way back.


Model Plan

8:00 Private cruising departing from Atami port.
8:30 Sea fishing and cruising to Hatsushima island.
12:00 A special lunch cooked with caught fish.
13:30 Enjoy various marine activities. (sea fishing, exploring the island, diving etc.)
16:00 Sunset cruising back to Atami port. (accompanied with champagne and appetizers.)

☆All the fish you catch can be taken home cleaned and filleted. Fishing equipment rentals are included in price. The fishing rod is with electric reel that is absolutely beginner-friendly.

※Other special, customized plans can be arranged for visitors who are staying consecutively.