Gakuroku Suien

Gakuroku Suien岳麓翠苑

Experience the fusion of history and modern beauty at the 200-year-old registered tangible cultural property.

Gakuroku Suien is a 200-year-old former farmhouse, a property deeply engraved with regional architectural style, with splendid garden and a gate, which also designated as a cultural property of the town.
In 2023, the two-year restoration and renovation project to create a rental villa was completed.
The theme of the design is “harmony between the inner and outer spaces,”
The contrast between the dynamic woodwork and the white walls in harmony with a gradation of green is the main theme throughout. The works of art that have been passed down from generations added colorful rhythm and accent to it.
Winning a prize at the global design award Design et al 2023, and gaining universal recognition for Japanese beauty, we will connect this beautiful tradition to the future.


It was relocated from the southern shore of Lake Kawaguchi 200 years ago, so the material should be much older than that. The house has a silkworm room on the second floor and stables.
Although it has been cared for, the house has reached the time of large-scale repairs that would be difficult with maintenance alone. That’s when the owner asked Noriko, the director of the Curation hotel association, to step in.

The shape and materials of the roof, overhanging eaves, thick pillars and beams, and the timber framing of the ceiling make this a valuable cultural heritage site that clearly shows the architectural style unique to this region.
The house has been renovated and remodeled in three phases to achieve the function of renting the entire building.
In the LDK, we have created a double-height atrium space while carefully preserving the beams and pillars.

The design inspiration is the architecture and the garden itself. The monotone contrast between the plastered wall, the wooden part, and the green gradation is beautiful. It repeats in every room of this garden-surround house.
When I saw this house’s appearance, I felt nothing more was needed, so I used it as the design concept.
You can experience a rich space colored with expressive fabrics and Japanese paper, created in collaboration with excellent local workshops.

We have All the historical art on the screens has been handed down from generations in this house.
We provided art-direction service with the works of contemporary artists to create a modern setting that goes beyond tradition.

For a detailed explanation of the design of Gakuroku Suien, please visit the designer’s website.

Gakuroku Suien Official Site

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Useful information

Bedrooms 3 rooms (up to 6 people)
Bed types Semi-double bed (120cm) x 6
Rooms Bedroom x 3 / Salon space (LDK) / Bathroom x 2 / Toilet x 5 / Deck, garden
Area Exclusive area for guests 180㎡, cultural property area 130㎡
Facilities Large TV, Portable TV/Wi-Fi/Kettle/Refrigerator/Microwave oven/Toaster/IH stove/Washer/Dryer/Air cleaner with humidifier/Dishwasher/Hair dryer/Iron
Amenities bath towel/face towel/shampoo/conditioner/body soap/makeup remover/all-in-one gel/toothbrush/cotton swab
Rentable equipment Record player/Bluetooth speaker

*In addition, various cooking utensils and tableware are available.
*Please contact us for details of equipment other than the above.